Why VOTE for Janine?

          Janine is a leader in her community but she’s also very compassionate about her community. Janine exhibits in her daily life the type of disposition one desires in a sitting judge.

     Janine dedicates much of her time to providing exemplary legal services to those who could not otherwise afford it. Janine chose to practice family law, and enjoys the freedom of being self-employed for a reason.

     She thought it was unfair that one had to face issues of custody, divorce, and financial support alone, unless they had money. Moreover, if someone wanted a particularly good lawyer, one needed A LOT of money.

     This inequity she observed in family court is how she developed her personal mantra of offering high-level legal services at affordable prices. She affectionately refers to her practice as “low-bono” for those who need it.

     Further, Janine has volunteered her time and talents for pro-bono causes. She has worked with area entities, including churches & legal organizations, to offer pro-bono services to the elderly for estate planning, as well as family law matters in general.

     Additionally, Janine is very active in her church where she serves as a music ministry leader and as an ordained Ruling Elder. Through outreach opportunities from her church, Janine’s been able to serve marginalized and often invisible persons in our community, including the youth, homeless, those in poverty, and the LGBT population. 

     Janine has offices in Philadelphia, Bucks County and New Jersey. She is Admitted to Practice in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, District Court for the Eastern District of Pennsylvania and the District Court for the District of New Jersey.

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